Transfer Schemas


The catbuffer schemas repository defines how each transaction type should be serialized. In combination with the catbuffer-generators project, developers can generate builder classes for a given set of programming languages.




Announce a TransferTransaction to send mosaics or messages between two accounts.

Version: 0x01

EntityType: 0x4154


Property Type Description
recipientAddress UnresolvedAddress Transaction recipient.
messageSize uint16 Size of the attached message.
mosaicsCount uint8 Number of attached mosaics.
transferTransactionBody_Reserved1 uint32 Reserved padding to align mosaics on 8-byte boundary.
transferTransactionBody_Reserved2 uint8 Reserved padding to align mosaics on 8-byte boundary.
mosaics array(UnresolvedMosaic, mosaicsCount) Attached mosaics to send.
message array(byte, messageSize) Message type and hexadecimal payload.


This is actually a TransferTransaction with a Message type equal to 0xFE.



Enumeration: uint8

Id Description
0x00 Plain message.
0x01 Encrypted message.
0xFE Persistent harvesting delegation.