This policy outlines how you may use our trademarks and brand.

What are Symbol trademarks? (marks)

Symbol Trademarks are owned or used by NEM Group and its ecosystem. They include:

  • The Symbol Name
  • The Symbol logo
  • The Symbol ‘connector’ icon
  • The mesh graphic device or illustration

These are the elements, individually or combined, that help make up the Symbol brand.

Why do we need a Trademark Policy?

While we encourage usage of our trademark and brand by everyone in the NEM Community, we want to make it easy for everyone to have a high quality and consistent experience of our brand.

This will help stop and avoid scammers or anyone who wants to mislead, steal, or defraud, using our Symbol brand.

But most importantly, we want to avoid confusion – for everyone’s benefit. If a different chain or project started using the Symbol name, then our community would be confused.

However, if a developer created an APP or DAPP that said ‘built using Symbol’, then we would encourage and support this.

We all want the same thing – to build the NEM Community and the Symbol brand to create value for everyone.

A stronger brand = a stronger ecosystem and stronger community.

How to use the marks

We encourage everyone to use our marks, as long as they are used in a constructive and, consistent way.

If you want to use our marks (shown above) in any way that is not set out in this policy, then please get in touch to discuss in more detail.

As a guide, please don’t:

  • Use the marks so it confuses the NEM Community or users of Symbol.
  • Mislead or make untrue statements.
  • Imply or state that if using the marks is authorised by NEM Group, without written permission first.
  • Imply or state endorsement or sponsorship from NEM Group, unless you have written permission first.
  • Damage the goodwill of Symbol or NEM Community.

What you can and can’t do with the marks

Personal use to express affinity to Symbol – such as t-shirts and stickers – is ok. Please share with us, we’d love to see.

If you plan on selling items commercially, please ask us first.

Names & Domains

Please don’t use the Symbol name as part of your trade name, trademark, social media name, internet account name or domain name that you might create without written consent first.

Some examples:

  • A trade name like Symbol Blockchain Services
  • A Twitter handle like @SymbolSales
  • An internet domain like

are not allowed, as people will be confused and assume the business, handle or website is official.

If you want to use Symbol in your business name, trademark or domain name, please get in touch to discuss this with us first.


You can alter or build on Symbol software to better suit your needs.

Software that you modify is different from Symbol Software and you may not brand this software ‘Symbol’ as this will create confusion between the two different softwares.


If you were to fork Symbol then that new chain wouldn’t be able to use the Symbol name or brand to avoid confusion between the original chain and the fork.


If you offer services related to Symbol – for example support services or training – you must not mislead or confuse users and the community into thinking these services are official or endorsed by NEM.


“… using the Symbol Platform” is ok as a descriptor. Or “independent services for Symbol use” is also fine.

It’s not ok to use “Symbol services” or “Symbol training“, as people would think they are official.

Top tips to help avoid confusion when using the Symbol marks

1. Place your brand or mark in a prominent position in front of a Symbol mark or make it bigger than Symbol.

Example: RED Symbol

2. Always use the term ‘Unofficial’ and/or ‘Independent’ in your descriptor.

Example: Independent Training for Symbol

3. Provide more, not less information to help users to help avoid confusion.

If you are in any doubt or would like to use Symbol Marks for other situations, please get in touch.

Top tips when using the Symbol Name

1. Use the name precisely.

Example: Symbol not Symbolblockchain

2. Use the name as a trademark only.

Example: Symbol Software not Symbol’s software

3. Always use the TM next to the name.

Example:  SymbolTM

4. Always attribute the mark by using the following sentence on a footer or nearby.

‘Symbol is a trademark owned by Nem Group Ltd. All rights reserved’.


When using the Symbol Logo (Symbol & Connector), please use the logo or icon as provided in the Symbol Brand Toolkit.

Other than scaling, please do not alter it, change proportions or colour without prior permission.