Tardigrade – the missing piece of the puzzle for storing data on the blockchain

Storj, IoDLT and NEM have come together to create a unique storage solution to facilitate faster syncing time when setting up a node on the Symbol network, whether that is rebuilding an old node or starting a new one.

The Tardigrade Connector streamlines the amount of time it takes to get a node back online, which is extremely useful for both access to the public chain and, for the private chain, dramatically increasing the speed required to deploy the blockchain. 

In real terms, the Tardigrade connector delivers a 93% decrease in the time to sync the node – a 1500% improvement in performance compared to the traditional syncing approach. 

Test the Connector for yourself – access the devnet here!

The 3-way collaboration is just the start and we can expect to see more developments for use cases that require storage. From NEM’s perspective this could include Storage connector frameworks and a syncing solution for NIS1. 

The Tardigrade Connector represents a game changer for IoT applications on blockchain, as storing large amounts of data is a necessary part of the solution.

Read the interview.

To find out more about the Tardigrade Connector, the collaboration between Storj, IoDLT and NEM, and how the solution was conceived and created, read our interview with Kevin Leffew, Business Development lead at Storj, Bader Youssef, CTO at IoDLT and Dave Hodgson, CIO at NEM Group.