Symbol delivers the best of blockchain

Ethereum is famous for its powerful smart contracts and unstoppable decentralized public network. Unfortunately, it can be slowed by congestion, become expensive to operate, and have difficult security management.

Hyperledger is known for its advantages in private networks – high speed and low operating costs. But it isn’t decentralized and it’s not designed to be easily interoperable with public networks.

Corda was designed to bring transparency and trust to interactions, while maintaining privacy and security. But it’s enterprise service can be costly to run.

Symbol provides the best of both public and private chains. By operating as a hybrid public/private network, Symbol can provide your project with the advantages of a public network and a private network at the same time. You can have public interoperability and decentralization similar to Ethereum, and speed and low costs similar to Hyperledger.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your business take advantage of the Symbol hybrid blockchain.

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