Symbol has launched

David Shaw, CEO – NEM Group

After 4 years in development today we are proud to confirm that Symbol from NEM, the next evolution of blockchain, has successfully launched and is now live!

Symbol Mainnet officially went live on 17 March 2021 – a date which marks the beginning of the next chapter in NEM’s exciting story. Symbol will sit alongside NEM NIS1, making NEM officially a two chain ecosystem.  

We will share more about NEM NIS1’s exciting future but for now, the moment belongs to Symbol.  

Symbol will be the connector between business and blockchain, and is specifically designed with interoperability at its core. Symbol will be a highly suitable platform for tokenization from financial through to physical and intellectual assets.

Symbol is the next-generation Proof-of-Stake+ (PoS+) blockchain from NEM, boasting enterprise-grade programmability and security. Symbol from NEM brings cutting-edge technical features which can be leveraged by innovative projects building the new economy. 

The platform enables the creation of specialized digital assets, with configurable properties and a unique identifier, and can enforce logic-based account or asset-based restrictions at a protocol level.  

This is just the beginning.  

Symbol will sit at the intersection between individuals, businesses and blockchain and, alongside NEM NIS1, will form a key component in building towards the realisation of a new economy. 

Congratulations to all our community for their contribution and, of course, our core devs Jaguar, Gimre and BloodyRookie for their vision and hard work to get us here. 

Please go here for everything you need to get started on Symbol.

Symbol from NEM.  Powering Possibility.

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