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Peersyst Technology

Barcelona, Spain

Who are Peersyst?

Peersyst help companies take advantage of blockchain technology. They design, develop and implement blockchain solutions in a scalable and secure way with the ambition to change the way companies and organizations manage, record and maintain their information. 

How we work with them

Peersyst have developed and implemented solutions based on NEM blockchain technology to meet business needs and processes. Using Symbol, Peersyst can offer a new, more secure, accessible and ethical way to manage processes and data.

Why Peersyst chose Symbol

Developing solutions with Symbol is a complete guarantee of success and value for companies that work with Peersyst, a foundation fully aligned with its values.

Symbol makes it possible to add all kinds of logic in different types of transactions that greatly facilitate building any use case on top of it. Through its API, it is possible to define, implement, and develop practically any protocol that requires a business solution at the software level by storing and registering all that information securely on Symbol blockchain.

In addition, Symbol offers the perfect configuration and flexibility for designing and surveying private / public chains in record time, greatly facilitating the adoption of this technology between consortia and companies.

How Peersyst can help your business

The benefits of blockchain technology have never been just a way to improve business processes, but the way forward in this impasse to a digital age. Empowerment and accountability in data management, transparency and cooperation between organizations are essential concepts to guarantee success. Aligned cooperation and transparency between services and companies saves time and costs in management and facilitates competitiveness in the supply of services.

Symbol blockchain’s ability to quickly develop proofs of concept and extend products that share that vision without a large technological barrier makes it one of the most reliable, economical, and efficient options on the market. And Peersyst can help your organisation quickly realize the possibilities quickly.

Peersyst provides the safest, most efficient and most successful way to implement blockchain technology in your business. Thanks to the technology provided by Symbol, it has never been so easy and fast to develop proofs of concept and solutions for your business that help you transform your digital processes for the new era of data.

Ferran Prat, CEO at Peersyst

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