Sending mosaics and messages between two accounts

Define, sign, and announce a transfer transaction.

This guide will show you how to send 10 symbol.xym from your account to Bob’s, whose address is TB6Q5E-YACWBP-CXKGIL-I6XWCH-DRFLTB-KUK34I-YJQ.


Method #01: Using the Desktop Wallet

  1. From the home page of your Desktop Wallet, click on the “Transfer” tab.


2. Fill out the necessary information for the transfer transaction. For this example, you need to specify that you are sending 10 XYM to Bob (TB6Q5E-YACWBP-CXKGIL-I6XWCH-DRFLTB-KUK34I-YJQ). You can add a message, but it is not necessary in this case.


3. Once you have filled out all the information, click “Send”. A popup will show. Read and verify the information, then enter your wallet password and click “Confirm”.

4. You can verify that the transaction was successful by going back to the “Dashboard” tab. At first, it might show up under “Unconfirmed” transactions as the transaction becomes included in a block, but you should soon be able to see it under the “Confirmed” transactions.

Method #02: Using the SDK

  1. In a new terminal, monitor the transactions involving the sender account to know if they are confirmed or rejected by the network.

 symbol-cli monitor all --address <YOUR-ADDRESS>

2. Open a new file and define the TransferTransaction. Include Bob’s address as the recipient, and attach 10 symbol.xym.

Mosaic units in Symbol are defined as absolute amounts. To get an absolute amount, multiply the number of assets you want to send by 10divisibility. For example, if the mosaic had divisibility 2, to send 10 units (relative) you should define 1000 (absolute) instead.

   // replace with recipient address
  const recipientAddress = Address.createFromRawAddress(rawAddress);
  const transferTransaction = TransferTransaction.create(
    PlainMessage.create('This is a test message'),
     // replace with recipient address
    const rawAddress = 'TB6Q5E-YACWBP-CXKGIL-I6XWCH-DRFLTB-KUK34I-YJQ';
    const recipientAddress = symbol_sdk_1.Address.createFromRawAddress(rawAddress);
    const transferTransaction = symbol_sdk_1.TransferTransaction.create(symbol_sdk_1.Deadline.create(epochAdjustment), recipientAddress, [currency.createRelative(10)], symbol_sdk_1.PlainMessage.create('This is a test message'), networkType, symbol_sdk_1.UInt64.fromUint(2000000));
         // replace with node endpoint
        try (final RepositoryFactory repositoryFactory = new RepositoryFactoryVertxImpl(
                "")) {
            // replace with recipient address
            final String rawAddress = "TB6Q5E-YACWBP-CXKGIL-I6XWCH-DRFLTB-KUK34I-YJQ";
            final UnresolvedAddress recipientAddress = Address.createFromRawAddress(rawAddress);
            final NetworkType networkType = repositoryFactory.getNetworkType().toFuture().get();
            // replace with symbol.xym id
            final MosaicId networkCurrencyMosaicId = new MosaicId("5E62990DCAC5BE8A");
            // replace with network currency divisibility
            final Integer networkCurrencyDivisibility = 6;
            // replace with relative amount of symbol.xym to send
            final BigInteger amount = BigInteger.valueOf(10);
            final Mosaic mosaic = new Mosaic(networkCurrencyMosaicId,
            final TransferTransaction transferTransaction = TransferTransactionFactory
                            PlainMessage.create("This is a test message"))

As you may have noticed, transfer transactions require an array of mosaics as a parameter. This permits sending transfer transactions with multiple mosaics at the same time.

If you own more than one mosaic, you can send them together in the same transaction:

    new Mosaic(new MosaicId('7CDF3B117A3C40CC'), UInt64.fromUint(1000)),
    new Mosaic(
      new MosaicId('5E62990DCAC5BE8A'),
      UInt64.fromUint(10 * Math.pow(10, 6)),
    new symbol_sdk_1.Mosaic(new symbol_sdk_1.MosaicId('7CDF3B117A3C40CC'), symbol_sdk_1.UInt64.fromUint(1000)),
    new symbol_sdk_1.Mosaic(new symbol_sdk_1.MosaicId('5E62990DCAC5BE8A'), symbol_sdk_1.UInt64.fromUint(10 * Math.pow(10, 6))),
                             Arrays.asList(new Mosaic(new MosaicId("7CDF3B117A3C40CC"),
                                    new Mosaic(new MosaicId("5E62990DCAC5BE8A"),

3. Sign the transaction with your account. Then, include the network generation hash seed to make the transaction only valid for your network. To retrieve the network generration hash seed, open nodeUrl + '/node/info' in a new browser tab and copy meta.networkGenerationHashSeed value.

   // replace with sender private key
  const privateKey =
  const account = Account.createFromPrivateKey(privateKey, networkType);
  const signedTransaction = account.sign(
  console.log('Payload:', signedTransaction.payload);
  console.log('Transaction Hash:', signedTransaction.hash);
     // replace with sender private key
    const privateKey = '1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111';
    const account = symbol_sdk_1.Account.createFromPrivateKey(privateKey, networkType);
    const signedTransaction = account.sign(transferTransaction, networkGenerationHash);
    console.log('Payload:', signedTransaction.payload);
    console.log('Transaction Hash:', signedTransaction.hash);
             // replace with private key
            final String privateKey = "1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111";
            // replace with network generation hash
            final String generationHash = repositoryFactory.getGenerationHash().toFuture().get();
            final Account account = Account
                    .createFromPrivateKey(privateKey, networkType);
            final SignedTransaction signedTransaction = account
                    .sign(transferTransaction, generationHash);
  1. Once signed, announce the transaction to the network.

   const transactionRepository = repositoryFactory.createTransactionRepository();
  const response = await transactionRepository
     const transactionRepository = repositoryFactory.createTransactionRepository();
    const response = await transactionRepository
             final TransactionRepository transactionRepository = repositoryFactory

5. Open the terminal where you are monitoring the transaction’s status. The transaction should appear as confirmed after 30 seconds at most and the amount defined gets transferred from the sender’s account to the recipient’s account. If the terminal raises an error, you can check the error code description here.

Method #03: Using the CLI

Open a terminal window and run the following command to transfer 10 XYM from your default account.

Remember to replace TB6Q5E-YACWBP-CXKGIL-I6XWCH-DRFLTB-KUK34I-YJQ with the recipient address you want to send mosaics too and @symbol.xym::10000000 with the desired absolute amount.

Optionally, you can set a custom message with the option --message.

  symbol-cli transaction transfer --recipient-address TB6Q5E-YACWBP-CXKGIL-I6XWCH-DRFLTB-KUK34I-YJQ --mosaics "@symbol.xym::10000000" --message "This is a test message" --sync

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