NEM and Propine collaboration provides asset tokenisation and opens up securities market

Propine is a full end-to-end securities issuance platform with fully compliant custody services to ensure safe token maintenance and delivery. The ambition is to democratise access to capital markets with end-to-end securities services. They work with companies to manage risk and regulatory compliance for digital assets by tokenizing capital market products as well as the vehicles to access them.

Security tokens, depending on their exact features, can fall under the full scope of relevant security regulations, which can vary significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Consequently, many of the advantages of the security tokens are undermined if the infrastructure for providing these services is not regulated and compliant.

This highly regulated nature of security tokens prompted Propine to select Symbol as a partner for tokenisation due to the flexibility and ease of working with Symbol, plus the comprehensive feature set that covers 90% of what is needed to issue security tokens.  

Symbol is a hybrid blockchain, built specifically with enterprises in mind while Propine’s solutions cater for institutional clients as well. This is just the first step in a long journey which will see significant adoption on Symbol with Propine providing investment banking activities supporting this choice. 

In this article, we interviewed Wong Liang Zan, who outlines the steps taken to integrate Symbol – covering evaluation, prototyping and integration – and provides a fascinating insight into key features built into Symbol and its unique relevance for token issuance.  

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