Get the new Symbol Wallet release — now with post-launch opt-in!

This release features updates to all platforms. The most notable addition to this release is post-launch opt-in, which is now available for the Symbol Wallet. The full list of additions and fixes for mobile and desktop wallets are: Added Symbol post-launch opt-in menu Added for advanced users Add custom harvesting node Updated default testnet nodes […]

Get involved in Supernode Program community testing now!

In March, the NEM community, supported by the NEM Group, launched a decentralized network called Symbol. NEM Symbol is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain with an innovative tokenomics model that democratizes access to rewards for securing the network. The tokenomics model was accepted by the community in a binding on-chain vote, and part of that model includes […]

The Symbol Wallet is Now Available on vidulum App

Symbol Wallet on Vidulum

Today, many innovative blockchain projects aim to strengthen the blockchain ecosystem, drive mass adoption, and close knowledge gaps. Symbol from NEM, the trusted, secure value exchange network for business, has recently joined forces with vidulum, the non-custodial multi-coin web wallet, to prove their commitment to this goal. vidulum App has endorsed NEM’s Symbol (XYM) since […]

#PoweringPossibility Hackathon: Meet the winners!

Meet the first Symbol builders The first Symbol Hackathon is finished, and now that the dust is settling, it’s a good moment for looking back and recapping a little bit. The #PoweringPossibility hackathon was launched for blockchain developers interested in building Hybrid, Tokenization, Interoperability and more solutions to further explore Symbol’s technology. The hackathon offered […]

dHealth Network built on Symbol aims to empower e-health

The potential for blockchain applications in healthcare is enormous. Paper files, data breaches, and inaccessible medical records have no room in the global, hyperconnected world we live in. Decentralization can be a strong ally in transforming a critical sector such as health, especially in the post-pandemic world we’re in.  Blockchain distributed ledgers can increase security, […]

Symbol in the Media: Public Launch and What’s Next!

Last week, NEM made headlines with the highly anticipated launch of Symbol. After four years of building, testing and collaboration among the Core Developers, NEM community, supporting entities and partners, the Symbol Proof-of-Stake+ public blockchain is live!

Symbol has launched

Symbol Mainnet officially went live on 17 March 2021 – a date which marks the beginning of the next chapter in NEM’s exciting story. Symbol will sit alongside NEM NIS1, making NEM officially a two chain ecosystem.