How to Opt-in from Trezor to Ledger Nano


  • Your Ledger Nano and Trezor are both connected to your computer.
  • Symbol app is installed in your Ledger Nano. Click here for the tutorial (Step 0-2).

  1. Launch the NEM Wallet
  1. Click Login

  1. Click Login with TREZOR

  1. Select Mainnet network, then click Next.

  1. A popup window will appear. Click Export to continue.

  1. Accept the address export on your Trezor.

  1. Once accepted, you will be redirected to the NEM Wallet dashboard.

  1. Go to Services > Symbol Opt In, then click Claim XYM and Namespaces with Symbol Opt In.

  1. Click Ready

  2. Click Import Symbol Account from Ledger

  1. Click Import Symbol Account 

  1. Confirm the transaction on your Ledger Nano.
    NOTE: Your Ledger Nano should be unlocked and the Symbol app should be open.

  1. Once accepted, click Next

  1. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions, then click Agree.

  1. Click Confirm Opt-in to proceed. A popup will appear to check your Trezor.

  1. Confirm the transaction on your Trezor to complete the Opt-in process.

Watch our step-by-step video: