Powering Possibility


Virtual Hackathon. XEM Prizes.Entrance to NEM Venture’s Ignite incubator a possibility for the winner!
January – April 2021



About Powering Possibility Hackathon

Powering possibility is a hackathon experience beginning January 9-10 with a 48-hour kick off weekend and winners announced in April 2021. The hackathon is for blockchain developers interested in building Hybrid, Tokenization, Interoperability and more solutions to further explore Symbol’s technology.  

Powered by Symbol

Symbol provides a clear route to success, with the necessary tools, support and investment to get there. Symbol turns Apps built on our blockchain into valuable propositions that enterprise clients will need in their everyday lives. We provide the connection to enterprises that can supercharge developers to help them develop valuable products.

Hackathon Winners


1st Place | $10,000 in XEM

Easily mint NFTs (3D digital cards) on top of the symbol blockchain. Trade 3d cards powered by Symbol.

Try Minty

Github Repo

SYMBOL in the NFT space

2st Place | $7,000 in XEM

Market of digital arts in SYMBOL wallet. Digitize art, get NTF for a picture, small video or animation. All from Symbol wallet.

Try Symbol NFT

Github Repo


3rd Place | $5,000 in XEM

EstateUp creates a digital will on Symbol to allow people to redistribute digital assets and information with their loved ones after they have passed away.

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A submission that utilizes both public and private chain on Symbol.


A submission that utilizes both Symbol as well as another blockchain protocol

Libraries & Plugins

A submission that extends the functionality of Symbol through the plugin system.


A submission that improves upon the user experience, UX or UI of a given product.

Hackathon timeline


Hackathon prizes

1st Place

A prize of $10,000 in XEM, or the possibility of entry to NEM Venture’s incubator program – Ignite. Ignite from NEM Ventures is an incubator program committed to catalyzing the growth of the NEM ecosystem by providing access to professional mentoring and support through a 3-month tailored programme to help make great ideas investable and ready for the next stage of growth.

2nd Place

A prize of $7,000 in XEM for the selected project.

3rd Place

A prize of $5,000 in XEM for the selected project.

The Judges

Mike Sotirakos

Managing Director, NEM Software

Kristy-Leigh Minehan

CTO, NEM Software

Sharon Rubin

Associate Director, NEM Ventures

Anthony Welfare

CCO, NEM Software

The Mentors

Kailin O’Donnell

Director, NEM Ventures

Kailin is a DLT advocate who has been deeply involved in NEM since before launch, coding some early SDKs for NIS1 and Symbol, and has assisted multiple companies building on the NEM blockchain.

Jeff McDonald

Brand Ambassador, NEM Group

Jeff has extensive experience in the blockchain space as an early advocate and builder. Jeff is the public face for NEM and Symbol, he is also the Co-Founder and CTO of LuxTag.

Bader Youssef


Bader is a Symbol advocate, he is using Symbol from NEM as his go-to blockchain at IoDLT for a wide range of innovative applications, including IoT and data aggregation. He is a proud contributor to the NEM ecosystem through disruptive use cases and tech built entirely on DLT.

Vytautas Kašėta

Co-Founder & CTO, Superhow?

Vytautas is a well-known crypto Economy advocate/influencer in Lithuania. He entered Blockchain in 2014 and has participated in a variety of large projects as an early adopter, investor, advisor or technical strategy consultant.

Nicholas Pelecanos

Head of Trading, NEM Group

Nick has been involved in blockchain since the early days, as both an early investor and entrepreneur, and previously founded a digital asset trading company. He leads the trading aspects of NEM Group.

Laura Cooley

Senior Consultant, Wachsman

In her 2+ years at Wachsman, Laura has provided strategic communications and public relations support for some of the biggest names in the blockchain industry. Prior to joining Wachsman, Laura worked at a consumer-focused PR agency, working with large scale corporate clients, and an experiential marketing agency where she led cross-Canada event activations.

Rene Bernard

CEO & Co-Founder, LuxTag

Ferran Prat

CEO & Co-Founder, Peersyst

Kazuya Okada

Technical Director, Opening Line

Hackathon Q & A

Why participate in the Symbol Hackathon?

We offer the possibility of creating a viable project through the NEM Ignite incubator program prize and also drive innovation using the new Symbol blockchain technology. Participants will engage with the mentors and create prototypes, fresh concepts, and other innovations.

Who are eligible to join the Symbol Hackathon?

Participants have an array of skills and come from countless backgrounds. Whether you’re getting started with your tech journey, learning more about blockchain, or want to test your skills, we invite all to join. We have great mentors and helpers to support you.

What are the prizes?

The 1st prize wins $10,000 in XEM or entrance to NEM Ignite’s Incubator a possibility for the winner. The 2nd prize wins $7,000 in XEM. The 3rd prize wins $5,000 in XEM.

What are the rules and requirements?

You can find that information at the Devpost hackathon site here

Who owns my work and IP?

The team that develops the project is the owner of the intellectual property and project. We do encourage making the code open source or sharing of code with others in the community. You are allowed to use open source libraries, your own libraries, etc. to develop your solution.