Retrieving the global mosaic supply

Different values regarding the total supply of symbol.xym are available in real-time, through REST endpoints on any Symbol API node. Click on each endpoint below for an example.

The return value of the following endpoints is always a decimal number in plaintext, using a period . as the decimal separator.

Maximum supply

The maximum amount of symbol.xym that will ever exist in the network:

In Symbol’s MAINNET this value is always 8999999999.

Total supply

The total amount of symbol.xym that exist right now.

Inflation, through block rewards, slowly increases this number until it reaches the maximum supply.

For example: 7881002838.303334.

Circulating supply

The amount of symbol.xym currently in the market and in the general public’s hands.

This is the total supply minus the funds locked for opt-in payouts, reward programs, etc.

For example: 5404143654.714409.

Last updated by Xavi Artigas on 2021-07-26.

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