Getting started on Symbol

Here are some useful resources with everything you need to know to get started on Symbol.

Symbol Technical documentation

Find information on how to integrate Symbol blockchain technology into your projects here.

Symbol Explorer

Get the Blockchain explorer for Symbol here.

Symbol Nodes & Tokenomics

Learn more about running your own node and becoming a part of the Symbol token ecosystem here. 

Symbol Nodes Guide

Access the Guides related to creating nodes and test networks here.

Symbol Harvesting

Access the Guide related to harvesting new blocks here.

Symbol Bootstrap

Get the Symbol CLI tool that allows you to create, configure and run Symbol complete networks, or nodes to be synced with existing networks, here.

Accessing your XYM after Symbol launch

Using the Desktop wallet:

The Symbol desktop wallet will be published after mainnet launch. Symbol mobile wallets are not part of this phase of Symbol launch.

1. Get the latest version of Symbol desktop wallet (version 1.0.3) and install it.

2. Open wallet -> Choose “Create a new profile?” -> Import mnemonic

3. Fill in profile data and on the next step, import your Symbol Mnemonic from the backup you made during opt-in.

4. On the Select accounts screen, you should be presented with your opt-in address. Choose it and at least one Seed address.

5. Finish profile creation. Your XYM balance should be presented after login.

Get help

If you need further assistance, head over to the NEM Help Desk and we will be happy to assist you. 

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