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Symbol powers possibility in organisations, reducing costs and complexities. With the Symbol blockchain, businesses can gain a competitive edge, while putting much needed trust back into their value chain.

Why limit your organisation?

Symbol provides the canvas for businesses to create, exchange, and protect value. Use Symbol native support for both public and private chains to and make your business more competitive, secure and agile.

Steps for success

Many blockchain projects fail to launch because they aren’t set up for success. Follow our simple steps before you start to increase the likelihood of project delivery and success.

1. Be clear

Make sure that the project is delivering on a defined business requirement. For success, blockchain projects must be demand, not solution-led.

2. Be business focused

Focus on a project that reduces cost and complexity and that improves efficiency. Set clear goals and expectations to help ensure a clear ROI.

3. Get the right support

Be clear about your team’s knowledge and look for the necessary support to fill any gaps.

4. Start fresh

Implement Symbol from the beginning of the project, don’t try to re-engineer existing technology into the protocol.

5. Ensure participation

Try to include as many participants from your supply or value chain as possible – most successful blockchain projects occur where participation can be mandated.

6. Test & Learn

Test your solution and learn from the lessons of previous projects, use PoCs and ask for advice to test for value.

Is blockchain right for your business?

We start every relationship with a simple question: Is blockchain the right solution for your business challenge? Follow the decision tree to find out how we deliver results for our partners.

What matters for business

Increased Security

Our configurable contract plug-in framework makes Symbol more resilient to human error and network attacks, streamlining the security testing process.

Enhanced Interoperability

Our APIs ensure seamless integration with existing enterprise systems and processes, as well as other networks and blockchains.

Faster & More Efficient

Our tiered architecture delivers increased network performance, while our plug-in approach speeds up development and onboarding time, lowering the total cost.

Symbol SI Partners

Symbol SI Partners are experts in building business solutions and products using Symbol blockchain. We have SI Partners around the world in every region and with different areas of specialization. If you’re a business looking for blockchain expertise or a systems integrator looking to become a Symbol SI Partner please connect via the links below.

Projects and partners using Symbol

Invest in the future of your business with Symbol. You can explore and build using one platform and one blockchain to create new business models and forms of value. Here are some partners and projects that have used Symbol to create new propositions, products and services.


Ample uses machine learning smart meters to track energy usage, identify waste, and tokenize usage. Symbol enables the secure and seamless trade of tokens representing incentives. Visit Ample


Mobi makes carpooling fast and easy by connecting colleagues and handling shared fuel costs with payment gateways. It uses GPS mapping to enable planning and routing and uses Symbol for transactions. Visit Mobi


Cyclebit is a leading provider of simple, affordable and robust tools that make cryptocurrency easy to use in retail and everyday business settings. They leverage Symbol as a fast and safe payment solution. Visit Cyclebit

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