Bimtrazer launches first building using constructive traceability with Symbol

Construction budgets deviate, on average, 28% from the original plan. That’s what the Chilean company Bimtrazer is working to change, powered by Symbol from NEM blockchain technology.

Bimtrazer is a platform that applies AI to optimize the construction plan and articulates it in blocks. Professionals take snapshots of the progress that is tokenized and associated with the code blocks, helping architects, surveyors, builders or inspectors track material use, preventing possible inefficiencies and reducing build costs.  

Once each stage of the construction is finished, the progress is tokenized and registered in the Symbol blockchain – guaranteeing their integrity and immutability. The serialization and synchronization of these data blocks into the project plan allows decision-makers to track real-time progress. This transparency allows them to stick to the budget and always be ready for any problem they might find on the way.

Bimtrazer is launching its first building using constructive traceability on Symbol, the new NEM Blockchain.

Ópera Park is the name of the set of four towers built by the Proaco group on a plot of 19,750 m2. Located in Córdoba, in Argentina. This work-in-progress will end up with a total of 40,000 m2 of construction divided into luxury condominiums with 402 apartments, pools, gyms, and aerobic circuits.

Bimtrazer will record Ópera Park’s progress on NEM’s new high-speed blockchain Symbol, which provides a powerful integration API and enables atomic exchange between public and private strings. The blockchain will hold progress certification, forecasts, and the materials used, without the possibility of modification. Architectural shielding traceability will allow an immutable record for subsequent technical audits and analysis.

The benefits of constructive traceability with Symbol from NEM

Bimtrazer uses Symbol to replace intuition with science. Thanks to the Symbol traceability, they can optimize resources, save time, and reduce costs. Registering technical data and construction progress in a reliable blockchain like Symbol is also key to increasing the customer’s and investors’ trust.

Find out more here about the Bimtrazer use case.

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