About Symbol

Symbol blockchain is the trusted, secure value exchange network for business. Symbol reduces business friction, increases trust, and expands the flow of ideas to accelerate innovation. We enable enterprises and developers, organisations and individuals to create value together. Because together, everything is possible.

Symbol is the next generation of open source, decentralized platform that will help lead the evolution of the blockchain. Symbol is built on the strengths of NEM, and shares the technical excellence, simplicity, and the strong belief system of its predecessor, with added features, flexibility, speed, and ease of use. Symbol is the trusted, secure value exchange network for business, empowering the secure exchange of all assets and building the connection between business and blockchain. Symbol, powering possibility.

Businesses need a platform that helps them create value through technology. They need a platform that is collaborative and open to new ways of doing things, but based on a secure network that won’t fail. They need something that won’t surprise them with problems during deployment and change management as their businesses scale. Our platform makes the connection between enterprise, blockchains and the community, helping to reduce cost, complexity, and find new ways to create value. We believe Symbol can help power possibility and create value by working together. Collaboration is at the heart of Symbol: it’s simple to create value together – for enterprise and developers who see possibilities. Everyone can be a part of Symbol, and every private Symbol chain can connect to it. Transform the way you do business with Symbol.

Businesses, organisations, communities, and individuals have ideas, business opportunities, and innovation that can create collective value for themselves and others within the ecosystem. And we believe the next evolution of business will be about fair value exchange. The ability to ascribe value to anything that individuals or organisations own – and exchange it fairly – will create a level playing field that removes barriers to entry and allows full participation in markets and business. Symbol connects blockchain and business to create value.

Symbol will help businesses see the possibility of our platform and what it can do for them

Our vision

As people and businesses become more connected, the inability to consistently establish trust between people, businesses, organisations is being exposed. With few solutions for this lack of trust, increased connectivity and transparency through technology is fueling further isolation and protectionism. Individuals and businesses are less certain of who they are dealing with, questioning their authenticity and integrity, which creates barriers and destroys potential value. The exchanges of value on which business, and society as a whole, are founded require us to be able to trust in what we own, what we owe, and what is owed to us. And with no easy way to establish that, business systems and the creation and exchange of value, are blocked.

The absence of trust in business creates friction between organisations and across supply chains. It stifles innovation, removing value and exploits businesses’ ability to create and protect IP, at a time where collaboration & working together are key to growth. To solve the challenges that businesses and individuals face, and to unlock the potential for innovation within, we need to adopt a collective, holistic approach to establishing trust, creating and protecting value, wherever it is and whoever has it. Symbol will help create a balanced playing field enabling everyone to create, exchange, and protect their assets and to realise their collective value. We will be the connector between business, blockchain, and people by providing a secure, trusted platform that unblocks, enables, and speeds up the systems and processes that underpin transactions and exchange. And provides ways of making the creation and realisation of value possible.